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What kind of business would benefit from a Baler. Let’s take a look

Airports, Amusements Parks, Casinos, Stores, Grocery Stores, Education-Schools, Supermarkets, Hospitals,

Building, Distributions Centers, Recycling Centers, Transportation Centers, Ships, Shopping Centers , Retail Stores & Department Large Stores, Nursing Centers.

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Olympic Equipment Appoints Manny Enciso as Division Manager of Service and Baling Wire

Company Raises the Customer Service Bar with Service Maintenance to the waste & recycling industry

Costa Mesa, CA – May 1, 2012 – Olympic Wire and Equipment, California’s leader in baling wire and
recycling equipment, announced today that Manny Enciso has joined the company as Division Manager of
Service and Wire products. In his new position, Manny will spearhead the company’s “GOLD MEDAL
PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM”. Manny uses a structured form with 72 comprehensive
questions pertaining to hydraulics, mechanical, electrical, and safety practices. “Zero Downtime” is the ultimate goal.

“This position is completely redefining what customer service means in the baling equipment industry,” said
Jim Walker, CEO, Olympic Wire. “We’re now delivering on-site support from a seasoned engineer as part of
our proactive commitment to “Zero Downtime”. It’s our way of saying ‘leave the worry to us’ so you can focus on your business, not your baler,” added Walker.

Prior to joining Olympic Wire, Enciso held a Management position overseeing 17 mechanics at two (2)
facilities. One facility was a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) the other was a Scrap Steel yard. Both facilities
had large balers and the MRF also had a lot of sorting conveyors.

“I am extremely happy to be joining the Olympic team. I look forward to giving companies the support they
need to optimize their operations,” said Manny Enciso, Division Manager.

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About Olympic Wire & Equipment

Olympic Wire and Equipment, Inc. is a leading provider of balers, baling wire and recycling equipment that
gives companies the power to reduce landfill waste while creating new profit centers from their recycled
materials. Specializing in the waste and recycling industries, Olympic creates customized solutions including
sort-lines, balers, conveyors that require minimum maintenance while creating maximum return on investment.
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Michael Scott Goes After Baler Again

The hit NBC show, “The Office” recently featured a segment about Michael Scott (Steve Carell) trying to play with the Vertical Baler.  This isn’t the first time he has tried to get his hands on this piece of recycling equipment, but this time he tries to be a little bit sneakier about it! Watch the clip in our video section:

Know Your Equipment Balers, Vertical Balers, Horizontal Balers, Auto Tie Balers

When we started this blog, we wanted to commence an open discussion about the state of the industry in response to the overwhelming comments we received about high prices. Such furor raised is understandable considering the lack of reporting done in the mainstream media about this matter.

If you were to browse around the internet, you wouldn’t be likely to find much information regarding the recycling industry. Part of this is because ours is an industry on the fringes of others. We supply equipment to facilities like yours so that you don’t have to worry about your excess waste. As a result, the maintenance and supplies needed to keep your baler running in tip-top shape are often marginalized. We understand that especially in times such as these. But know that your baler is always working for you at all times and to neglect this piece of machinery in any way is to potentially cost your company much more in the long run.

In addition to regular maintenance and upkeep, your baler needs wire in order to bundle and bind together the bales it makes. As a whole, the cost of baling wire has seen a sharp increase in the past 7 to 8 months due to rising global demand and materials used in the refining process becoming scarce. This trend is no different than that seen in the oil market and cost of gas at the pump. Just as gas prices have seen a gradual dip in price over the past few months, so to is baling wire expected to climb back down to earlier rates. The two may seem unrelated but might have more in common than you think.

It’s rare to find a facility that manufactures baling wire in areas local to its most fervent users. Thus, the wire needs to be trucked out to various locations and warehouses, stored and then shipped out when need be. These expenses, though inconsequential at first glance, add up to the greater cost of baling wire to the end user. It is imperative that users such as yourself have an understanding on the supply chain that your wire goes through in order to reach its final destination. Wire prices are not arbitrarily set by companies supplying the product but determined by much larger factors that are often out of the hands of your vendor. Timing is also another issue but less so in allowing you to secure a good deal on pricing. If you see an increase in the goods and services you use on a daily basis in your own life, then it should come as little surprise to see such an increase in the materials you use at work.

Olympic Equipment & Wire Service Department

We at Olympic Wire & Equipment maintain a fully stocked service fleet along with a 24-hour service number in our Southern and Northern California facilities. Our equipment sales and service repair coverage is all of California, Arizona and Nevada.  Our parts department has an extensive inventory for many makes and models of industrial recycling equipment.  Our team of factory-trained technicians are highly knowledgeable, with a combined 150 years of experience in the industry.

Our Service Capabilities Include

•           Installation

•           Relines

•           Relocation

•           Repairs

•           Reconditioning

•           Preventative Maintenance

•           Facility Design

•           Fully Stocked Parts Department

•           Baling Wire

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Republic Services Opens World’s Largest MRF and operates three (3) IPS Balers from Olympic Wire & Equipment

Republic Services Opens World’s Largest MRF and operates three (3) IPS Balers from Olympic Wire & Equipment

The Newby Island MRF will recover 80 percent of San Jose’s commercial waste.

SAN JOSE, CA – August 9, 2012 –
Republic Services, Inc. celebrates the grand opening of the world’s largest material
recovery facility (MRF) located at the Newby Island Resource Recovery Park. The 110
tons-per-hour (tph) multi-stream system will operate with three (3) IPS Balers sold
by Olympic Wire & Equipment. It is the first and largest MRF of its kind and sets a new
standard for recycling facilities. The facility processes all commercial waste
generated in San Jose, California, and recovers more than 80 percent of the material,
greatly reducing the amount sent to landfill. San Jose has long led the way when it comes to sustainability and has adopted progressive diversion goals in 2007 through its Green Vision initiative. Republic Services responded to this vision with an innovative way of addressing the waste stream, resulting in a 15-year commercial waste contract with the city. Until now, San Jose’s commercial waste was managed by 20 different haulers and provided less than half of the businesses with recycling services. The new
program views waste as a resource and provides standard recycling for all businesses.

8,000 San Jose businesses, the system also households and has the capacity to process
(3) balers chosen for this high volume task Ram balers. These were selected for the high
absolute necessity for any MRF this size.future service has and will be Inc., with locations in the Bay Area and please contact Olympic Wire & Equipment by

In addition to serving more than processes recyclables from 85,000 420,000 tons of material annually. The three are one (1) Single Ram and  (2) Two through put and reliability that are an
The installation, set up, training as well as provided by Olympic Wire and Equipment,
Southern California. For more information, calling (949) 646-9731.