Distribution Centers

This open-end continuous feed auto tie heavy-duty baler can process a multitude of paper grades. Capacity ranges from 1 to 35 tons per hour with a bale weight of up to 4,000 pounds. The multiple cylinder tension gussets combined with advanced controls produce a steady throughput of dense and even bales, essential for shipping full truckload weights.


Distribution Center using Vertical and Hotizontal Balemaster BalerOlympic offers the American Baler “DC” Series Balers, an ideal combination of Accessories to meet your unique baling requirements. The American Balers “DC” Series Balers are designed to accommodate a variety of waste materials, including; whole upright shipping boxes, flattened cardboard, tissue slabs, old newspapers, mixed paper, fiberglass sheets, aluminum cans & PET beverage bottles, etc. The American Baler “EO” Series line features the largest feed chute openings in the industry and heavy-duty construction for tough baling applications.

Features & Advantages

  • Heavy Duty Automatic Wire-Tier completes the tie-off cycle in less than 10 seconds. Auto-Tier’s simplistic design uses fewer component parts than any other Tier on the market. Most reliable Auto-tier available.
  • Most Comprehensive Touch Screen Controller in the industry, features over 50 information screens. Optional modem feature allows data transmission to American Balers and Olympic’s Service Center.
  • Advanced Dust Control features are standard on all “DC” Series Models. New “Air-Blaster” Accessory automatically cleans behind the baling ram reducing maintenance costs.
  • Unique Bale Density Control system automatically and continuously regulates the tensioning force exerted on the baled material. For “Slick materials”, the Bale Density control system creates greater squeezing force to achieve the highest bale density possible. No adjustments are required.
  • Trunnion Mounted Main Hydraulic Cylinder is standard on all “DC” Series Models. 6, 8, 10 and 12″ diameter cylinders are available to satisfy your bale density requirements.
  • Energy Efficient Hydraulic Power Packs from 25 to 200 Horsepower are available to meet your capacity demands.
  • Heavy Duty Welded Construction throughout.