Great Testimonial From Our Friends Over @ Living Spaces


When Living Spaces of Rialto, CA. expanded to a 900,000 square foot
Distribution Center (DC), management knew they needed a dependable
baler in their new location. Living Spaces selected Olympic to design
and install their system. Not only did Living Spaces want to play a role
in recycling its scrap, they also wanted to capture the revenue
generated from the scrap of the baled corrugated boxes.
Since the Auto-Tie Baler would be located inside the facility, loud noise, dust and labor savings were of great importance. Management of Living Spaces mentioned that all but one bidder quoted expensive
shredders to accomplish their requirements. Olympic Wire & Equipment was that only bidder to design the system without a loud and dusty shredder. Olympic, having more than 26 years of design experience,
recommended a baler and conveyor combination that would eliminate the use of a shredder avoiding any jams or bridging in the baler’s hopper and achieving high demand capacity. This is a great success says Living Spaces management. They saved over $100,000 in costs, as well as staying away from a noisy and
dusty shredder which requires a great deal of maintenance.
The baler features a very large feed hopper opening, which means Living Spaces employees do not have to spend time breaking down, flattening or dismantling boxes. Employees simply put the large boxes on the in-feed conveyor in the DC, which meters the boxes to the baler for processing. No employee handles the
boxes again until the complete bale is stored or loaded in an overseas container or truck that delivers direct
to the paper mills. Whether the bales are loaded in an overseas container or truck, full payloads are
accomplished with Olympic’s Auto-Tie balers.
Because the baler has a very quick cycle time and only requires 8 seconds to tie off all ten (10) wires, the
facility does not have to cease operation waiting for the baler hopper to clear. This keeps the operation
running smoothly even during the busiest times of the month. Olympic Wire & Equipment provides balers
with this design from required capacities of 100 to 7,300 tons per month. For more information please
contact Olympic Wire & Equipment at (949) 646-9731 or on-line at

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