Two Ram Balers

Olympic offers the IPS Two Ram Baler. This baler is ideal for baling a wide variety of recyclable materials such as cardboard, newspaper, all plastics and aluminum/steel cans. We also offer a super heavy duty metals option which bales all non-ferrous metals. Heavier bale weights, high thru-puts, durable construction and innovative design features make these two ram balers simply the best.


  • virtually eliminates shearing.
  • Increases floor liner life by up to 50%. Less ram cycles to make a bale.
  • Lowers electrical costs, saving up to 45% on monthly statements.
  • Diminishes bridging and blockage or material jams in the baling hopper.
  • Increases production performance baling PET or HDPE bottles.
  • Six (6) strokes to make a bale.
  • Virtually eliminates all shearing of material and the need to replace or adjust shear blade.


  • The ultimate Multi-Material Baler.
  • No other baler can match the level for thru-put and high density.
  • Ties wire around the bale while baling the next bale.
  • Highest production two ram balers on the planet today.
  • 100% ram penetration for maximum bale density.

two ram baler


  • For harsh environments, pound for pound the toughest baler.
  • Four sided superior strength and adjustable shear blades.
  • Over 30 models to choose. From 10 to 14 inch cylinders.
  • Narrow and wide charge box openings.
  • Maximize export capacity with uniform bale size and density.

These balers are designed for automated operation that eliminates the need for a full time operator. The superior quality means reduced down time resulting in dramatic labor savings.